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Considered & Quality

I have worn the same belt for over 10 years but have been wearing this belt non-stop for the past couple of months since receiving it. The story and sustainability behind it are great - but the true test is does it look good, is it comfortable and is it built to last. Gold star for all of the above!
NB: I was kindly gifted this belt by Jo @ Vaela.

001 Jeans
The best jeans!

My Vaela jeans are my favourite jeans! The stretch in the fabric makes them super comfortable and I love the reflective turn up. The extra deep back pocket keeps your phone nice and safe and the bonus is the panel on the legs which makes sitting down comfortable whether you are on a bike or not!

001 Jeans
Jessica W.
All in the details

My favourite jeans ever, whether I’m cycling or not. Super-flattering cut - amazing on every bum I’ve seen them on so far. The cycling-friendly details - higher at the back to avoid cleavage; no uncomfy inside seam; reflective panels - are there when you need them, unobtrusive when you don’t. So happy to ditch the dreaded Lycra - I can commute in them and head straight into the office… out after work… whatever. The icing on the cake? Sustainable materials and production. What a find!

001 Jeans
Lisa S.

I am a bit fussy when it comes to jeans - cut, colour, design. I love these jeans and wear them pretty much daily. I haven’t actually worn them on a bike yet!! They are my preferred jeans now to wear out. I have worn them while hiking though and they were brilliant.

They look good & they are amazingly comfortable. I love the deep phone pocket - no more phone pocket roulette thinking your phone will ping out the second you sit down. I really like the way the back fits snug and doesn’t gape around the waist to show your bum.

The gusset with no seam is really comfortable. But the jeans are not in any way like leggings, they are jeans and beautifully designed ones.

This belt is on fire!!!

This is a great belt. It’s robust, bold, comfortable and carefully crafted. I love the story behind the brand and the fact that this belt is made from a decommissioned fire-hose is a fabulous idea. It looks good and feels good wearing this. Fantastic.

001 Jeans
Maddy N.
New favourite jeans

These jeans just tick all the boxes - all the basics like being super comfortable, flattering, great colour etc, but then the attention to detail for me takes them to the next level - the deep pocket for your phone so it doesn’t plop out while cycling, the subtle reflectors when you do turn-ups (I don’t have to wear those maddening Velcro things any more!) and the best is no seams where you sit - after years of putting up with them this is bliss! Figured I’d just be wearing them on cycle days but realising I wear these jeans most days now… HIGHLY recommend and will be buying more.

001 Jeans
Super comfortable

My Vaela jeans are brilliant and not just for cycling. A huge amount of thought has gone into every element of it’s design from the sustainability to the phone pocket to the high waist. The best thing for me is the comfort. They are made from a wonderfully soft denim and are the softest jeans I have owned. They also have just the right amount of stretch in them. A worthwhile purchase.

Fire-hose Belt
Beautiful design and concept

I love the fire hose belt, especially knowing that it’s constructed from disused fire hoses that otherwise would have ended up in the trash. I have bought four more for friends, all of whom love the style and the story behind the material.

001 Bike Bag
Corinna W.
Incredibly well made bag / stylish too

Very fortunate to have had a chance to buy one of these hot off the press & i am seriously impressed with it. The style is sleek, it can clip onto the back rack. It's probably the most stylish panier i've seen out there. There are reflectors built in, a seperater for your laptop and the finish on the zips, etc are impressive. You can tell that the bag is well made & I'm all about that these days with our fast fashion market churning out products that fall apart in an instant. Get something that's well made, that will last your lifetime. This is that something.

On the bike and off, this jacket rocks

Soft and hard-wearing the jacket is cut to perfection, flexing to the rider on the bike while looking great off it. No need to change into civvies when you reach your destination.

The length also means there‘s no booty call when. you’re “on the rivet” 😳!

And a few reflective details make for a safer ride in the night - and they fold away when you don’t need to stand out!

001 Jeans
Angela M.
Amazing jeans!

I absolutely love my Vaela 001 jeans. They make me feel safe while being a great and comfortable fit. Highly recommend!

001 Jeans
The best jeans for cycling EVER

I absolutely love these jeans and recommend them to all of my friends! They're just so comfortable for cycling and all of life's activities and smart enough for the office too. They've really thought through the sustainability features too, which is great. 100% recommend

001 Jeans
Christina A.
So soft and comfortable and flattering I may never take them off!

Im always nervous about buying jeans I have not tried on, as the fits and fabric quality can vary so much. But the idea of a jean that is MADE for cycling was very intriguing and was definitely something I have wished I had for some time, so I took the plunge! The Vaela team were super helpful and helped me work through my 'in between sizes' measurements to decide which size to order. They arrived in wonderful low impact sustainable packaging (loved it!) and from that moment I have hardly worn anything else! Super soft and so comfortable, and I love the little details like the reflective inner turn up (I quite like wearing it on show even when Im not on my bike!), and it has really made cycling around Brighton even better! Also full marks on the sustainability front - you can tell a lot of thought has gone into the sourcing and where they manufacture - hopefully other brands can take note. Thanks Vaela!