Sustainability: Carbon Emissions

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There’s no getting around the fact that making and transporting clothes comes with a carbon footprint and that the industry has a significant negative impact on global emissions. One of our core ambitions is to be carbon neutral, we translate this into a number of priorities:

  • Fuels: renewable fuels, electric vehicles, bicycle delivery where possible, and offsets
  • Efficiency: avoid airfreight, minimise freight miles in the supply chain
  • Low waste: reVaela supports customers with repair, resale, remaking and recycling

Our short term ambitions for 2023 are:

  • Review and document carbon sources – identifying significant emissions for reduction
  • Offset additional emissions via certified schemes
  • Research options for measuring customer reduction in emissions (cycling in jeans, utilising reVAELA, etc.) – survey customers in 2023
  • Set goals and make decisions for 2024 and beyond based on science based targets

In the medium term, we aim to measure those carbon emissions that we directly control.  In the longer term, we will broaden our measurement to encompass our suppliers.

We will endeavour to offset our carbon emissions annually using legitimate schemes whilst we work towards carbon neutrality.