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We aim to positively impact people through work and strive to avoid the potential for workers to be exploited in our supply chain.  We will achieve this by carefully selecting our suppliers, dealing directly with them rather than through agents,  and insisting on the correct workers' rights certification.

We actively support and work with organisations that empower people through work.  Our order fulfilment is managed by MailOut - a mailing and fulfilment social enterprise that provides training and paid employment for adults with a learning disability and autism.  Located right around the corner from one of our founders, Mailout support their trainees to pick, pack and ship your orders whilst learning general office and warehousing skills.

The manufacture of clothing is fraught with employment issues.  Our core minimum standards are the agreed international standards (ILO) but our ambition is to go further. Whilst international standard demand compliance with the local legal minimum wage, our ambition is to ensure living wages throughout  our supply chain. Vaela is an accredited Living Wage employer, committed to ensuring that all employees aged 18 and over, including certain classes of contracted staff, are paid a Living Wage. 

Being very small and having been hampered by travel restrictions, we have relied upon personal knowledge plus third party certification and audits to assure ourselves that our suppliers meet these minimums standards. However, as we grow, we shall visit our suppliers and see at first hand the factories and ultimately the farms.