Sustainability: Materials

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One of our core ambitions is to use Natural materials – we use this term because our community told us that this was important to them. Natural can mean a range of things to different people. 

We translate this into the following long term goals:

  • Fabrics: regenerative or organic, no synthetics, no plastics
  • Hardware: no plastics
  • Packaging: recycled, recyclable and compostable

Our short term goals for 2023 are to:

  • Quantify spend on natural and non-natural materials
  • Maintain a register of all non-natural materials
  • Review eco-certification for non-natural materials
  • Set goals for % spend on natural materials and plan for phasing out non-natural materials

    Currently we are using Non-natural materials where we can’t source alternatives. For example, pannier clips are 100% recycled polyamide, 001 Jeans zip tape and all threads are 100% recycled polyester.

    At the end of April 2023 we are using the following Natural materials

    • Cotton (including denim) fabric is certified organic (GOTS);
    • Padding in 001 Bag is regenerative wool (in place of foam);
    • Wax used for water resistance for 001 Bag is made from vegetable oils (in place of paraffin);
    • Buttons are made with Corozo (in place of plastic);
    • Packaging is recyclable and compostable;
    • Greetings cards are 100% recycled FSC and recyclable or compostable.

    For more detailed information on the materials used and various associated issues such as water use and chemicals, click here.