We have the pleasure of working with and doing business with the talented people and organisations listed below - we wouldn't have got this far without them. 

Huge thanks to:

  • Huw Watkins, as an original co-founder Huw has been pivotal to getting the business up and running - he has since taken a back seat but is still very much part of the family
  • Nick Hussey and Judith Tolley who generously shared their immense industry knowledge
  • Our  investors who have literally made this possible


The Team ​​

Jo Bole


Jenny Clark

Social Media Marketing

Aida Stan

Clothing Design

Paul Williamson

Production & Development

Simon Oates

Accessories Design

Eloise Adler

Website and branding

Chris & Jenna

Chris - Styling & Art Direction
Jenna - Shoot Production & Casting

Michelle Beatty

Website Photography

Lisa Stonehouse

Social Media Photography


Social Enterprises

Mail Out

Fulfilment - packing & sending Vaela orders

Training and paid employment for adults with a learning disability and autism, UK

Elvis & Kresse 

Fire-hose Belt for Vaela

Luxury accessories from re-used materials, UK 




Apparel Factory (TBA)

Apparel manufacture, Portugal


Accessories manufacture, UK

Candiani Denim

Denim mill, Italy


Zip manufacture, Italy

Halley Stevenson

Waxed organic cotton, UK

Rixen & Kaul

Pannier clips, Germany