“Wrapped by angels”

“Wrapped by angels”

MailOut does our fulfilment for us. And if you're like me a couple of years ago with no clue what fulfilment is - they wrap and pack your orders, and send them on their way. 

MailOut is a social enterprise based in Kentish Town that provides training for adults with a learning disability and autism. Empowering people through work. 


They are also doing a great job, as noted by one of our customers in a review:

"... they were dispatched by Mailout and were so beautifully (and ethically) packaged that the postman was driven to comment as he handed over the package. Even better inside, could have been wrapped by angels. This probably sounds over the top but I’ve honestly never received anything so well presented, and the jeans are just fab!!!" Sue 

MailOut runs accredited and vocational training opportunities, providing trainees with an opportunity to develop key skills within a real, thriving warehousing business, working alongside highly qualified staff who are competent both within their industry sector and also as supportive mentors.


From charities to social enterprises, MailOut offers a professional fulfilment and distribution service to organisations such as Vaela wanting to grow their businesses and support our mission in reducing the disability employment gap.

MailOut’s manager, Stan Potoczniak, said of working with Vaela:

We’re proud to be working with organisations such as Vaela who strive to be as sustainable as possible in their work. We are looking forward to seeing how their range of products develops”.

MailOut is part of Unity Works, a charity that supports people with a learning disability to gain skills, achieve qualifications and secure jobs, so they can reach their full potential. Unity Works wants to increase the numbers of people with a learning disability in work. This currently sits at a devastating 4.8%, whilst we know that 65% of people with a learning disability want to be in work.

Find out more about their work: www.unityworks.org.uk

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