Vaela was founded to bring sustainable cycle clothing to more women, enabling them to engage with cycling more easily and more often.

Vaela’s principal concern is the design and manufacture of women’s clothing that looks beautiful off the bike and works wonderfully on the bike. 

We are a Pending B-Corporation, with the ambition to:

  1. Use natural materials
  2. Be carbon neutral
  3. Provide decent employment
  4. Be transparent about our impact  

We have the pleasure of working with and doing business with fabulous, talented people especially those in ‘the Team’ - we wouldn't have got this far without them. 

Our clothes

We think that riding a bike shouldn’t leave you looking a mess or like you’ve stepped out of the gym, or mean that you need to drag a whole change of clothes around with you. Vaela wants you to be able to cycle without looking like a cyclist (or a packhorse).

We make stylish clothes that work on the bike – not bike clothes that are stylish. They are made from natural and durable materials like denim and wool, and we use expert design and pattern-cutting to build movement and performance into them rather than simply adding man-made fibres.


Our clothes are the opposite of fast fashion.  They are designed and made to be sustainable from the outset.  We pay acute attention to every element - from fabric selection and zip provenance to the design of the seams.

We prioritise the environment and social equity over absolute technical performance, and we promise full transparency on how we are doing relative to our B-Corporation grade sustainability ambitions.

That our suppliers and manufacturers share our vision is not accidental.  We have deliberately sought out organisations who align with our sustainability ambitions.

We actively support organisations promoting change and donate 2% of our revenue to organisations chosen by our customers whose visions are in line with our own.

The future

Vaela plans to grow by adding clothing and accessories to our range that are genuinely different, and our customers tell us they really want. 

We will also broaden our size range to ensure that we can cater for every woman who would like to purchase a Vaela product.


November 2022